The “Sato Breed” Characteristics

The term Sato is a slang term for the street dogs of Puerto Rico. Though Satos often come from a long line of mutts, there are some characteristics commonly seen enough to list below. Here are a few facts on Satos, and what to expect when you adopt one!

Quick Facts:

  • Most commonly small to medium in size (25lbs - 45lbs fully grown).

  • Typically have a short, coarse coat.

  • Lanky appearance with a thin, agile frame, long snout, and large folded ears. Many are a deep tan, sometimes reddish in color, with a black muzzle. (almost fox-like!)

  • Lifespan of 12+ years with proper care and vetting.

  • Tend to love other dogs/great candidates for multi-dog households.

  • Can be shy at first around strangers.

  • Incredibly loyal and intelligent.