All photography provided by Rory O'Neill

Our Mission

Stray Love Found is committed to a personalized adoption experience for our adopters and pups.That means less paperwork for you, an actual adoption consultant to talk to, and someone supporting you before, during, and most importantly, after taking your new rescue home! We are passionate in creating lasting relationships between our pups' rescuers, fosters, and adopters. Think of us as their beginning, and you as their happily ever after. 

Our mission is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Puerto Rico’s street dogs or “Satos”. Many of these urban free-ranging dogs are quite different from the “typical stray” in that they have a limited territory and consistent contact with humans. They tend to be follower-type dog, ideal dogs to bring into a multi-dog household or to a home with some dog experience. Their coats tend to be short but dense, and they usually require moderate exercise and minimal grooming.

“couldn’t be happier with the experience and of course, my pup Nala. Elaine was so helpful and informative with the process of adoption and everything was quick and easy! Would recommend everyone who’s looking to adopt a puppy to this organization if I could!
— Haley, Rescuer / Adopter

What We've Achieved

  • Helped facilitate the adoption of over 300 stray, surrendered, and abandoned dogs.

  • Built a local volunteer network committed to the rehabilitation of rescue dogs.

  • Successfully enlisted professional help for dogs once deemed not adoptable.

  • Renovated our very own isolation facility and office space, to be more of a physical presence in our community.

  • Adhere to specific MA state regulations to ensure our rescues are vet checked, receive health certificates, and are approved for adoption.

  • Created a digital community connecting organizations, trainers, adopters & rescuers to share their stories and knowledge.

  • Raised awareness about the detrimental effect pet-shop & designer dog economies have had to shelter/homeless populations.

  • Offer easy and accessible ways to make a difference.

  • Provide tremendous amounts of post-adoption support and contact to all of our adopters.