Surrender Form

Stray Love Found came to be thanks to the amazing teamwork between our founder Elaine Sellers, and her partners “We Love Satos” in Puerto Rico. That being said, our #1 priority is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home once abandoned “satos” or street dogs from Puerto Rico. However as we continue to grow, we attempt to assist local dogs in need when we have the foster placement. As a 100% all volunteer, foster based rescue, our ability to take on any dog (local or otherwise) is contingent on a willing and capable foster home. If you’d like to learn more about fostering, which saves lives, fill out a foster application or email

If the reason for considering surrender is financial, please email

Submitting a surrender form does not mean we can take on your specific case, but it will help us understand your dog, the situation, and if we have an available foster home for safe placement. First step is filling out the form below. Next, a team member will contact you for updated vet records, pictures, and to schedule a behavioral evaluation with our certified dog trainers. These steps are mandatory prior to SLF accepting your surrender. Though we do not charge a surrender fee at this time, our training partners charge a $45 evaluation fee.

Name *
My dog is spayed/neutered *
If mixed breed, do your best to describe. Please include approximate weight.
Is the dog microchipped?
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Are you able to provide up to date vet paperwork for the dog? *
Food allergies, seasonal allergies etc should be noted here.
Housebroken? *
Crate trained? *
Sleeps in a crate at night, goes in a crate when home alone, does well in one when necessary.
Be specific; include how your dog greets, plays, and interacts with each one.
Include dog's likes, dislikes, general energy level, favorite toy types, favorite places to go, treats etc.
Wake up time, feeding times and amounts given, walk times, bed time, etc.
Do your best to name pet store, breeder, shelter, or means in which you acquired the dog.
Has the dog ever had formal training? *
Private lessons with a certified dog trainer, obedience classes, puppy school, etc.
You know your dog best. What future lifestyle would help your dog thrive?
Is it ok for future adopters to contact you? *
If Stray Love Found takes on your case, do you understand that complete care and ownership is completely up to Stray Love Found Inc and its members? You also understand the importance of completing this form truthfully, as all surrenders will see our trusted veterinary team, and undergo a behavioral assessment. If you wish to receive updates of your dog after surrender, you understand it is at our availability and discretion. *