Steps to Adoption

You’ve been thinking about adopting a dog for some time now, and are finally ready to bring home your new best friend! With so many different rescues, shelters, breeders, websites out there it may be hard to know which one is right for you.

Below is a general outline of how to begin an adoption experience with SLF, and what to expect once you apply. We are not a rescue who will deny an applicant simply because they do not have a fenced yard, or have children under 5, limited dog experience, other pets, etc. We are, however, an organization who prioritizes detailed applications with well-thought out plans for a dog’s lifelong care. We do reserve the right to refuse adoption to any applicant if we feel a proper match is not currently available. If your application is denied, please keep in mind it is never personal; simply a decision to not place a dog in a home environment that is not a correct fit for their personality, health, or training needs. It is our responsibility to both our rescues and our adopters to make the best match possible, and to set everyone up for success!

  1. Fill out an adoption application. We are an all volunteer, foster-based rescue. Though we recently opened our office/location, dogs are not kept there once a state mandated, 48 hour isolation is complete. With the exception of a public meet & greet, an active application must be on file in order to meet our rescues.

  2. Once the application is submitted, contact your personal references so they can expect our call.

  3. A response email from one of our application volunteers will be sent, confirming the application was received. Some additional information may be requested, please be as detailed as you can when responding. Don’t be worried about “writing a novel;” the more we can learn about you, the better the chances are of finding your perfect match!

  4. If everything is satisfactory after we hear from your references, a phone call with an application volunteer will be scheduled. They will briefly go over select responses from your application, discuss the personal reference calls, and be available to answer any questions you may have about our rescues and organization. If your application is approved, you will also schedule a time to meet the pup(s) during this call. An approved applicant is allowed to take home their chosen pup right from a meet & greet, public or private. An applicant is not approved until this phone call is complete.

  5. We schedule adoption events (“meet & greets”) on most Sundays and Fridays, depending on the available dogs in our local foster network. Please carefully read the following descriptions of these events:

    Sunday meet & greets: 12pm-3pm, with only one family scheduled per each 30 minute appointment. This provides a more intimate first meeting between our approved applicants, the pup(s) of their choice, and for interacting with our volunteer team. Please be mindful of your scheduled appointment time.

    Evening (Thursday or Friday) meet & greets: 6pm-8pm, are open to the public. This means pre-approved applicants, those who’ve applied but aren’t approved yet/ready to adopt, and the general public are all welcome to attend. Since these events tend to be busier, we schedule 15 minute appointments, with the likelihood that other families may also be meeting our rescues during your scheduled time. Regardless, we do still ask to please be mindful of your scheduled appointment time. Please note: during public meet & greets, we can only allow those with active applications on file to hold or handle our rescues.

    Private, 1-on-1 meetings can be booked at our center for a deposit of $50. If the private meeting ends in adoption, this money simply goes towards your adoption fee.