Foster Home Application

We are always looking for responsible and committed foster homes to add our team! When you foster, you help a pup in need learn the joys of living in a home rather than waiting in a cage at a shelter or boarding facility. It is an incredibly rewarding way to be a part of a rescue pup's journey, but it is a commitment until that dog finds its forever home. On average, this takes about 2 weeks, but it could take longer depending on the dog and potential adopter interest. Come what may, you are committing to help a dog in need grow to become their very best selves. Foster homes with Stray Love Found receive:

  • All food and basic supplies provided.

  • A crate.

  • Veterinary expenses for foster when needed.

  • First "dibs" (within reason and with open communication) on any foster you may fall in love with.

  • The option to be as involved as you'd like in your foster's eventual home placement.

Some of our foster homes elect to provide all food and supplies for their little house guests, and we are so grateful! However, we realize this is not a possibility for all of our volunteers and are able to provide you with everything you need. The following is what SLF needs from our foster homes:

  • Living in or around South Shore of MA. If further away, we may require you to meet or assist us in transporting the dog to meet & greets, appointments, etc.

  • Some previous history with owning/caring for dogs.

  • Ability to provide up to date vet records of current pets in home.

  • Consistent communication and updates.

  • The ability to take 2 puppies (under 4 months, when available).

  • The understanding that adult dogs may need a foster home for longer periods of time. (Upwards of a month or longer, case-dependent).

  • A flexible schedule.

  • Committed to a minimum of 2-4 weeks.


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Home Address
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Past/present breeds, ages, personalities, etc.
If you have other pets, are they current on necessary vaccinations and preventatives? *
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Important to note for possible vet visits, pick ups, scheduled meet & greets, etc.
Fosters that are local to south shore MA, we will provide home visits, midday walks, and/or feeding if requested.
Do you prefer to foster puppies or an adult dog? *
Remember, with puppies you MUST be able to take in 2 (when available). Adult dog preference means an understanding of the potential to remain in your home longer than puppies tend to, while also helping them adjust and feel comfortable.
Cost of any foster dog training, evaluations, behavior plans, etc. is covered by Stray Love Found.
Is it ok for future adopters to contact you? *
It is important to us to connect all paths of a pup's journey.