Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where do the dogs come from?

Currently, most of our rescues come from Puerto Rico through our sister organization, We Love Satos. In PR, the population of stray or abandoned dogs is exploding after the hurricanes of 2017, exacerbating a long existing problem. Spay/neutering is not as culturally common like it is in the Northeast, and a struggling economy means very few funds are dedicated to enforcing animal welfare laws and city shelters (which are often “high kill”). Many of the adult dogs in our foster network tend to be “special cases” from Puerto Rico, or are local MA surrenders. We cannot continue to save lives without our foster team, and ALWAYS encourage a potential adopter to consider fostering first! Please fill out our foster application or email to learn more about becoming part of our care network!

Q: What are the breeds or common mixes you see? How big will they get?

It can be such a challenge trying to estimate the breed mixes we come across! Many of the dogs are from generations of mutts. Commonly, we see lab or pointer mix, chihuahua mix, small terrier mix, dachshund mix, small shepherd mix, hound/cattledog mix, and the occasional boxer or pittie mix. Satos tend to run small! Typically, our PR rescues are anywhere from 30-45lbs fully grown. If it is estimated a pup is likely to be bigger or smaller than this range, we will always specify.

Q: Are any of your dogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, since their mixes are widely varied, we cannot guarantee their coats or dander. ALL dogs do shed to some degree, some breeds have been bred to shed less than others or to have "hair" as opposed to fur. We certainly come across thinly haired mixed, wire coat mixes etc. that seem to be more forgiving to allergies. However if allergies are a concern, please consider adopting through a rescue organization that can offer you breed specifics.

Q: Can I meet the available dogs even if I have not begun my adoption experience?

In an ideal world, we would have a huge farm/sanctuary where everyone interested in adoption could come meet our rescues (working on it!). However, we do not, and once the pups are in our care they go QUICKLY.  After our isolation period, we invite pre-approved adopters to the SLF center for a scheduled meet & greet. From there, many of the pups go right off to their forever homes! Those that do not will enter our foster home network, and we begin to feature them on our Facebook, as well as host more meet & greets. Unless attending a public meet & greet, only pre-approved applicants ready to adopt can meet our available rescues. We strive to customize our adoption experience to your unique timeline as best we can, so always be open and honest about your expectations from us and from your future pup.

Q: What is included when I adopt a dog from SLF?

Below is a breakdown of what is included with every adoption. Our fees, application form, and general adoption info can be found by emailing

Puppies 8 weeks - 1 year:

 - Puppies come with all AGE APPROPRIATE vaccines (a general vaccination schedule for pup's first year included in adoption packet), dewormed, up to date on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and skin scraped when necessary.

- 2 health certificates. One from their attending veterinarian who evaluated them before travel (if from out of state), and one from a licensed Massachusetts vet.

- A 48 hour holding period in our state regulated quarantine facility, to help ensure their overall health and temperament (if from out of state).

- 30 days of FREE pet insurance through Trupanion.

- 1 FREE post-adoption office visit to any VCA in Mass.

- A detailed crate training schedule/guideline if pup is under 4 months.

- A post-adoption “orientation” class to answer questions & offer support to new adopters. This is held at our center in Hanson, MA and hosted by our founding president, Elaine Sellers.

- Microchip with HomeAgain with lifetime registration.

- Spay/Neuter** It is the responsibility of our adopters to spay or neuter their puppy by 6 months of age or as directed by a licensed veterinarian. Referrals to the Friends of Animals Certificate program (and a list of participating vets in the state) is included in our adoption packet. These vet clinics honor a spay/neuter for between $74-$110, as long as pup has been kept updated on all age appropriate vetting. $50 of your adoption fee may be refunded after proof of spay/neuter BY 6 months of age, or as specified by Stray Love Found.

 Adult dogs 1 year plus:

- Comes with all of the above, plus the option of a one-on-one evaluation with our trainers as needed.

 ***All dogs come with their current food, a toy, leash, and collar. We do allow a 7 day "perfect fit" period. If for some reason it does not work out within the first week, adopter may return dog for a refund MINUS $150, which will go towards the time and costs of re-homing pup. During this 1 week period, we do offer the option of borrowing an appropriately sized crate as needed.