Adoption Application

Please use this application as a way to best describe your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a pup. Be as thorough as possible; the more information we receive, the better we can ensure a correct match. Stray Love Found is a fantastic all volunteer team, so please allow us 48-72 hours to read over applications and contact your references. If you do not hear back within 3 business days, please first check your spam folder, and then email to check in.

As we process your application, explore the “Our Pups” section of our website. These are rescue dogs available in our care network, but check back often; more are added (or adopted!) everyday. Simply click on each photo to read a dog’s unique description. If using certain mobile devices, click the black dot on the bottom right of a selected picture to see the description.

A general guideline of our adoption fees & what is included can be found below. Our fees are case-dependent in some cases, and is discussed with an approved applicant PRIOR to adoption.

Puppies 8 weeks - 1 year: $550

 - Puppies come with all AGE APPROPRIATE vaccines (a general vaccination schedule for pup's first year included in adoption packet), dewormed, up to date on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and skin scraped when necessary.

- 2 health certificates. One from their attending veterinarian who evaluated them before travel (if from out of state), and one from a licensed Massachusetts vet.

- A 48 hour holding period in our state regulated quarantine facility, to help ensure their overall health and temperament (if from out of state).

- 30 days of FREE pet insurance through Trupanion.

- 1 FREE post-adoption exam to any VCA in Mass.

- A detailed crate training schedule/guideline if pup is under 4 months.

- Starter training plans, resources, and lifelong discounts with our certified training partners.

- Unlimited access to post-adoption check in classes to answer questions & offer support to new adopters.

- Microchip with HomeAgain with lifetime registration.

- Spay/Neuter** It is the responsibility of our adopters to spay or neuter their puppy by 6 months of age or as directed by a licensed veterinarian. Referrals to the Friends of Animals Certificate program (and a list of participating vets in MA) is included in our adoption packet, along with other low-cost programs in MA & RI. $50 of your adoption fee may be refunded after proof of spay/neuter BY 6 months of age, or as specified by Stray Love Found.

 Adult dogs 1 year plus: $450 or case dependent

- Comes with all of the above, plus the option of a one-on-one evaluation with our trainers as needed.

 ***All dogs come with their current food, a toy, leash, and collar. We do allow a 7 day "perfect fit" period. If for some reason it does not work out within the first week, adopter may return dog for a refund MINUS $150, which will go towards the time and costs of rehoming pup. During this 1 week period, we do offer the option of borrowing a dog crate as needed.

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Home Address *
Home Address
Example: an employer, colleague, long time friend, past dog walker, teacher, etc.
ie friend, family, past adopter referral (please name), social media, other.
Do you rent or own your residence? *
Email address or phone number preferred.
Include dog breeds, general stories, how long each pet was with you, current animals in home, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
Include typical work schedules, activities, weekend plans, how long you anticipate your new addition being alone each day, etc.
If you have children please include their ages, mention any roommates, describe activities you hope to do with pup, etc.
Are you looking for a puppy, or an adult dog? *
We consider adult dogs to be 6 months and above, adopted out spayed/neutered. Puppies are 8 weeks to 4-5 months. If both are selected, please elaborate on this when answering the application's final question.
Doggy daycare, hired dog walkers, family members, etc. Strongly recommended for applicants anticipating their new addition being alone or crated longer than 4 hours on a regular basis.
A new dog, especially a puppy, should have as much routine and stability in their new home for the first few months. We simply encourage adopters to plan ahead when considering a new addition with consideration to timing and what is best for pup. SLF is always happy to refer our adopters to trusted boarding facilities and local pet sitters!
Example: puppy classes, basic obedience classes, 1-on-1 in home sessions with a certified trainer, etc. Stray Love Found only practices positive reinforcement & force-free training methods, and are happy to provide recommendations to certified trainers we know and trust!
Training and behavior management is a lifelong expense & commitment with ANY dog. We go above and beyond for our adopters who understand this commitment, and may request additional support.
If you have a plan in place for yourself or your children should your current situation change, please describe how your dog is included in these plans.
Is it ok if past rescuer or foster home contacted you? *
Open communication across all boards is of utmost importance to us, our rescuers, foster homes, volunteers, and past adopters. Our dedicated volunteers love these special pups just as much as you!
If you have preferences for your future pup such as breed mix, size, energy level, etc. please list them here.